“Looting” as a political tool to discredit opponents

Автор: uson-kasybekov, September 23, 2012

In the lexicon of politicians lately on the frequency of use is one of the first places to take the word “looting”. By intensifying the term was laid when the “war of compromising materials” between parliamentary factions “Ata-Meken” led Ө.Tekebaeva on one side and “Republic” on the other founder and sole owner of which was ex-Prime Ө.Babanov. In response to accusations of “Ata-Meken” Ө.Babanova head of government corruption in the form of a bribe Turkish businessman Khunkar Adali chapter of “Cerca” English thoroughbred horse cost $ 1 million to get the contract to build the tower aeronautical $ 12 million in “Manas” airport “Republic” pulled out of the mitts of a certain type of suspicious Yusupov Abdullah sat in prison number 1 on suspicion of repeated fraud who blamed “atakenovtsev” Өmurbek Tekebayev Bolot Sher, Raykan Tөlөgөnova and Turatbek Madylbekova to organize looting and appropriation of Bakiyev’s property during the Revolution April 7, 2010 year. Since the term “looting” became the main political instrument discredit opposing sides.
The concepts of looting (from Fr. Maraudeur – «robber”) from the mouth of the opponents of “Ata-Meken” is used as the misappropriation of another’s property in an atmosphere of impunity. “Ata-Meken” imputed guilt of revolutionary turmoil and anarchy tselyu enrichment. Some opponents of such notorious scandal-prone MP J. Joldosheva without waiting the outcome of the parliamentary commission and court proceedings even decisions hastily created Ө.Babanovym interagency investigation team has hang tags – announced fraction “Ata-Meken” as many as looters. An interview, she explicitly stated opposition faction “Ata-Jurt” wants nothing to do with the “looters” ie it does not want to form a group with the “Ata-Meken” parliamentary majority coalition. Moreover, according to “WB” “Dzholdoshova wonders why after allegations about the involvement of MPs” Ata-Meken “for looting during the April events, the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev not instructs law enforcement criminal investigation?”. It seems that Zh.Zholdosheva has no idea of rule of law, to anyone accused of a crime must be in possession of the facts and evidence, reasonable grounds to form a judicial finding.
Tales told by Abdullah Yusupov of looting “atamekenevtsev” from the Mode (closed) instituted by the massive information attack with controlled Ө.Babanovym NTS channel used to create the necessary public opinion. Despite the absurdity of the charges in the NTS transmission transilirovannye many readings were taken at face value felon. Opponents Ө.Tekebaeva same story A.Yusupova bezoglyadki accepted as true last resort. Some opponents of believing “revelations” A.Yusupova became known as “Ata-Meken” to as looters. For example, expelled from the faction of “Ata-Meken” mortally offended because Ө.Abdrahmanov almost got into a fight with the leader of Ө. Tekebayev for having publicly called “chief looter country” in order to humiliate him before deputies LCD.
Accusations of looting frankly hardest acts equal treason. Looting crime in many countries is punishable or long-term imprisonment, or the death penalty. As is well known looting associated with crime in the state of emergency, natural disaster public, as well as the riots have befallen the nation. Looting as a crime be prosecuted as a criminal act. If you carefully look closely fixed “roller-testimony” A.Yusupova organizing looting person – members of the “Ata-Meken deliberately uses which happened on April 7 events: confused people, the fear, the panic, the weakening of attention for his criminal gain. PR spin doctors of the “Republic” is not accidentally chosen the term “looting” to discredit the members of the group “Ata-Meken”. “Robbery” of their shows at the baseness “guilty” in the moral sense. In the political vocabulary the term “looting” is interpreted as robbery, theft of things from the killed and wounded on the field of battle or in war; robbery population enemy territory troops opposing party, which came to the area. M. takes a large scale in the armies of states waging unjust, predatory, aggressive war. To discredit the “Ata-Meken” hard to think of a more appropriate word “looting” that should serve as an aggravating circumstance in the “crime” of “atamekenovtsev.”
Victims of looting on the idea of political consultants, “puppeteers” Ө.Babanova should be exclusively private property: homes and offices of Bakiyev and close on which the main emphasis is A.Yusupovym who served as chief whistleblower “Ata-Meken”. Draws attention to the fact that their stories have never mentioned the anti-people policies of family and criminal Bakiev boards in the past. As planned by the spin doctors of the status associated with the robbery should determine a switch from Bakiyev into factions “Ata-Meken”. In the charge “republicans” shows that robbery was seen as a crime against personal property. If it can be conceived Ө.Babanovu withdraw from the political arena, “atakentsev” decapitating parties by political consultants, controlled media and corrupt journalists but in future it will be possible to move to discredit the most revolutionary achievements of the people April 7, 2010 Expel criminal and family clan Bakiyev. For attempting to vilify the faction “Ata-Meken” politicians are supposed Bakiyev “tails”, which are not averse to restore the old regime of Kurmanbek Bakiyev, to take revenge on the current government.
Thus Ө.Babanov went all-in confrontation with the parliamentary party “Ata-Meken” not zadumyvayas consequences slanderous fabrications. Former Prime ministir always had political nechisplotnosti.
Үsөn Kasybekov

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